Mission Statement

Hooves and Hands seeks to promote social, emotional, and behavioral growth, learning, and knowledge of these virtues to enrich the quality of life and relationships for the under-served populations which include individuals of all walks of life through accessible counseling, equine assistance therapy and education. 

Gina Viruso Kitts, LPC

Gina Viruso Kitts, LPC

Mrs. Gina Viruso Kitts is a Professional Licensed Counselor and EAGALA Certified in South Carolina. She is competent in American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture from personal and professional knowledge. She has experience working with a variety populations and cultures in the community and school settings with issues that vary from life circumstance changes, and emotional, mental, social and behavior issues. She also has experience incorporating counseling in a private office setting. She states, “In life, there are times when one is faced with issues and difficulties in which I can assist adults, adolescences and children in finding the balance they need.”

What to expect during the session?

A storyboard exists to be created during each session at our farm with the assistance of our co-facilitators; the horses. This provides a form of metaphorical learning as everything done with horses relate to real life. We offer individual, couples, family and group sessions. Serving toddlers to adults.

Sessions allow for the development of certain skills such as non-verbal communications, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, attitude, relationships. 

Clients can attest to the fact that one EAP session cn access the same content as years of traditional therapy. These lessons have a deeper meaning when you can see, touch, and smell what is happening. 


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