Traditional Counseling Services for Individual, Couple, Family, and Group. Serving Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Special Needs as well as family members of DHH individuals.

Traditional counseling approaches can help those with issues that vary from life circumstance changes, and emotional, mental, social, and behavior issues.

Hooves and Hands seek to promote social, emotional, and behavioral growth, learning, and knowledge of these virtues to enrich the quality of life and relationships for the underserved populations which include individuals of all walks of life through accessible counseling, equine assisted therapy and education. 

Special needs served but not limited to Autism, Deaf/Blind, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety/Depression, Emotional Disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Benefits of Counseling with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counselors

  • Role models;
  • Competent and knowledgeable of Deaf Culture;
  • Able to adapt communication modes based on client preferences;
  • Direct sessions without use of third person;
  • Easily able to develop a trusting relationship.